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How to Understand Hoover and Candy Washing Machine Error Codes

If a fault is detected in your washing machine, an error code is likely to flash up. Every manufacturer uses different error codes. To help you understand yours, this eSpares video explains Hoover and Candy washing machine error codes.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

In this video I'll be showing you how to identify error codes in a Hoover or Candy washing machine.

These machines indicate an error code if the machine has a problem and this will either be displayed by a regularly blinking light on the front panel or in this case a digital display.

If your machine doesn't have a digital display and it has a regularly blinking light on the control panel, count the number of flashes the light makes between pauses to give you the relevant number of error code.

Now what I'm going to do is disconnect the machine and take the top and the back off, to help you identify the area initiating the error code. Now that the top and the back on the machine are removed, let's go through the error codes.

An E01 error code (or on some models an E07 error code) indicates an issue with the door lock. This could be an issue with the door lock itself, the wiring or the connection to the PCB board.

An E02 error code will indicate an issue with the fill. Now this either means that there is a trapped, blocked or pinched fill hose, or an issue with the water supply or with the valves.

An E03 error code indicates there was a problem with the drain circuit. This usually means there is something stuck in the pump.

An E04 error code may mean there’s a problem with the anti flood, this means you have water in the base and may indicate that you have a leak.

An E05 error code means that you have an issue with the NTC (the water temperature sensor at the back). It may be as simple as a loose connection which needs reconnecting.

An E06 error code is either a problem with the machine being out of balance if the error code is displayed straight after a spin or it's a problem with the control board being faulty.

An E07 error code is either a problem with the door lock or with the motor being jammed and unable to spin.

An E08 error code indicates a problem with the motor speed sensor. This can result in the motor spinning up at very high speed for a few seconds before slowing down and then stopping. It may also mean that the motor is not spinning.

An E09 error code means that you have a problem with the motor triac on the circuit board. This may mean that you don't have any motor drive.

An E10 error code on older machines may mean there's a problem with the motorised selector. On new machines it could indicate a drum sensor issue if fitted.

Now error codes 11 through to 14 all relate to issues with washer dryers.

An E11 error code indicates there's an open circuit on the dryer heater or a module issue. It's a good idea to check the wiring from the sensor on the top the drum to the circuit board as this can become damaged during the spin cycle.

An E12 error code suggests a PCB communication error or an open circuit on the dryer heater sensor.

An E13 error code means that there is an issue with the PCB as does the E14 error code. This could also indicate an issue with the dryer heater or the NTC.

An E15 error code indicates that there may be an issue with the circuit board. It may not be programmed or the memory chip may have become corrupted.

An E16 error code means there is a heater insulation problem which could cause the tripping of your fuse box and other random cycle errors, but it’s hard to prove without the replacement of your heater.

An E17 error code means that there is an issue with the motor tachometer and could result in your motor not spinning.

An E18 error code means that there's an issue with the PCB.

These are the Candy and Hoover error code faults, but they should only be used as a guide. Please see our other diagnosis videos for further assistance.

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Thanks for watching.

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