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Hoover Washing Machine Error Code E16

If your washing machine has tripped the electrics in your house, you could be waiting around for your clothes to wash a little longer than expected. If your washing machine is showing a E16 error on the digital display or the power light flashes sixteen times before pausing and repeating, it’s likely the machine is having a problem with the water heater.

Let us guide you on how you can diagnose and fix the washer yourself, saving you the expensive call out bill.

Cause 1

Heater Insulation

When the heating insulation has faltered - this common fault will lead to a defective washing machine is the wash element - this can cause a washer to blow a fuse or cause it to trip the RCD (Residual Current Device). To identify the fault is caused by the element, the wash cycle will reach the heating stage where the element will be engaged - if faulty or damaged the electrics will trip, or blow the fuse switching off the appliance to prevent any further damage.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

Check the heater element using a multimeter. The average reading is between 20 and 30 ohms - If there is zero reading or it tests excessively high then the element will be faulty and require replacing. (See here for instruction on how to use a multimeter)
  • Even without a multimeter you can still check for visual signs of damage, if the element is damaged then you will clearly notice the damage.

If you require a replacement element for your washing machine, browse our extensive range of spares for a new spare part.

To replace a faulty or damaged element see our easy to follow guide.

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