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9 Surprising Uses For Your Cordless Drill

There is something about using a power drill that makes everyday tasks a lot more fun!

From carving pumpkins to shining shoes, here are 9 ways you can transform your cordless drill to help you around the home!

Carved Pumpkin On White Background

Pumpkin Carver

Love to make pumpkins, hate the carving part? Make it easier by using your power drill! Scoop out the pumpkin as usual, then use different size drill parts to create unusual designs! The Garden Glove blog has some great ideas to try.

Apple With Peel Curling Upwards

Apple Peeler

If you’re making apple pie or apple sauce but dreading peeling the apples, make it easier with your nifty power drill! All you’ll need is your trusty drill, a flat drill part and a sharp peeler! Food52 shows you how to do this in just 3 seconds!

Bowl With Eggs And Whisk

Electric Mixer

For some recipes, hand mixing just doesn’t cut it. Instead of straining your wrist, attach a fork to the drill and mix away! The ends of small cutlery should slot into the drill so all you need to do is turn it on and let it do all the hard work for you.

Pencil, Sharpener and Shavings On White Background

Pencil Sharpener

Show off to the kids with this cool pencil sharpening trick! Simply slot the eraser end of the pencil into the drill, place a manual sharpener on the end and away you go! It’s also a great trick if you’ve got the task of sharpening all the coloured pencils the night before school!

Bottle Cork With Bottle Opener


What’s worse than losing your corkscrew when you’re just about to indulge in a nice bottle of wine! Don’t worry, your drill’s got you covered! Using a screw, drill a hole into the cork and gently pull it out. It may take some muscle but it’s better than no wine at all!

Black Shiny Shoes On White Background

Shoe Shiner

Just about to leave the house and realised your shoes need polishing for that all important meeting? Your drill can sort this in seconds! Attach a shoe buffer to your drill, apply some polish and place the drill on a low speed. You’ll have shiny shoes in no time.

Drill Going Into Ground

Plant Potter

Even your garden can benefit from your power drill! Instead of spending time digging each plant hole with a spade, place an auger bit (that’s around 2 inches wide) onto your drill and create clean, perfectly sized holes for your bulbs.

Red Pot Of Paint With Brush

Paint Mixer

For mess free paint mixing, attach a mixer on the end of your power tool and drill a hole through your paint can lid. Place the lid firmly back onto the can and gently mix away! The   Instructables uses the bottom part of a clothes hanger for the mixer!

Cat Playing With Toy On String

Cat Entertainer

Provide endless fun and exercise for your cat by attaching a piece of string to the end of your cordless drill! Simply tie the string to an sharpened pencil or blunt stick, attach a toy to the end, place it on a low speed and let the fun begin.

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