eSpares helps Channel 5 viewers to repair not replace home appliances

eSpares helps Channel 5 viewers to 'repair, not replace' home appliances!

At a time when our throwaway culture is significantly contributing to an increase in global e-waste, we here at eSpares are determined to challenge this and show why it’s so important to ‘repair, not replace’ faulty household appliances. That’s why we couldn’t be happier to have been featured on Channel 5’s Shop Smart, Save Money show, demonstrating how easy it can be to fix appliances at home!

So, if you have an appliance that needs fixing or are looking to live more sustainably, read on to learn all about our television feature and the many ways we can help you save money and help the environment…

Our appearance on Channel 5’s Shop Smart, Save Money

eSpares Channel 5 Shop Smart Save Money feature

On October Friday the 13th at 7pm, we were delighted to have been featured on Channel 5 where the Shop Smart, Save Money team demonstrated just how easily we can help you fix your home appliances. Using one of our repair guides for a Dyson V8 vacuum, they showed their viewers how eSpares can not only help appliance owners diagnose any issues their appliances might be experiencing, but also how we can provide both the spare parts and the step-by-step guidance needed to help you carry out the fix.

The example used on the Channel 5 show was a motor replacement for a Dyson V8 Handheld Stick Vacuum Cleaner; a repair that saved a grand total of £147, thanks to our resources and our range of Dyson vacuum cleaner spare parts! Better yet, this is just one of hundreds upon hundreds of repair guides we provide for all kinds of appliances. We don’t just offer advice and tutorials for Dyson vacuum cleaner repairs, but also for all other popular brands of vacuum cleaners as well as washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers, fridge freezers, ovens, lawnmowers and more! This, alongside the millions of spare parts available on our online shop as the UK’s number 1 provider of appliances spares, serves as a testament to the fact that fixing really is easy with eSpares.

Working with the Shop Smart, Save Money team was a wonderful way to bring the benefits of repairing to the masses. Here’s what Dan, our Content & Digital Marketing Coordinator, had to say about the experience of helping with filming and advising for the feature.

“It was a great day with the Shop Smart, Save Money team. They were engaged in learning about eSpares and our aims of sustainability and repairing over replacing. Hopefully the repair we filmed will lead to people saving money and also reduced landfill in the future.”

eSpares Dyson V8 Fix on Channel 5 Shop Smart Save Money

Fix ALL your appliances with eSpares!

When it comes to DIY appliance repair at home, the benefits cannot be understated. These benefits include…

  • It allows you to avoid having to call in a costly repair professional, or even wasting a small fortune by throwing away a perfectly fixable appliance and needlessly buying a whole new one.
  • It helps you learn new skills and gain more confidence, which will encourage you to be more repair-friendly in the future.
  • It helps make the world we live in all the more sustainable! Fixing allows us to reduce waste with repairs and minimises the number of appliances ending up in landfills, which benefits the environment and paves the way to a more sustainable appliance repair-oriented world in the years to come.

So, if you have an appliance that needs fixing, we’re here to help. On our YouTube channel you can find over 800 video tutorials on how to diagnose and fix appliance faults, from common and easy appliance fixes to more uncommon and extensive home appliance maintenance. We also have hundreds of written step-by-step guides in our Advice Centre, so you can either follow a video or read the instructions, depending what you find easiest. Of course, we also have all the spares you could ever need on our online shop, meaning we’re here to guide you from the instant your appliance becomes faulty to the moment it’s running again!

eSpares YouTube and Advice Centre

Don’t just take our word for it…

We understand that repairing can be daunting, especially if you’ve never done it before. That being said, the unknown is always a little scary… but fixing your own appliances is far easier than you might expect. We don’t just expect you to take our word for it either! Here are just a couple of examples of how happy eSpares customers are after carrying out cost-effective appliance repairs, serving as an example of how rewarding and manageable home repairs are once you take that first leap…

eSpares customer quote 1

eSpares customer quote 2

Best of all, recent developments in the world of spares and repairs are making fixing even easier in the modern age! The UK’s ‘Right to Repair’ law was introduced in 2021 (something we have long championed), which legally requires electronics manufacturers to make spare parts readily available for customers to purchase. While there’s still more progress to be made with the Right to Repair movement, it’s comforting to know that advancements are happening to make home repairs and spare parts more accessible than ever to appliance owners in the 21st century.

Hopefully, reading this has inspired you to take repairs into your own hands, save money by fixing yourself, extend the lifespan of appliances you own, and help the world become more a sustainable and less wasteful place. If you missed our Shop Smart, Save Money Channel 5 appearance, we encourage you to stream it right here on Channel 5’s website (along with plenty more Shop Smart, Save Money episodes).

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