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How to save money and energy with your tumble dryer

Are you wondering how you can save energy with your tumble dryer? You’re not alone. Tumble dryers can be lifesavers for speeding up the laundry drying process, but it’s also not uncommon for appliance owners to use them in a far more costly manner than necessary. That’s why we’re here to tell you everything you need to know about using your tumble dryer more efficiently.

How much does a tumble dryer cost to run?

First, let’s look at how much money can be saved with your tumble dryer. According to Repair Aid, an energy-efficient dryer will cost around £30-£60 to run per year whereas a dryer that isn’t being run efficiently could cost you £100-£200 per year. That means you can save up to a potential £170 per year by using your appliance more efficiently. That’s a big difference! So, let’s take a look at all the things you can do to save energy when using your dryer that will help make a difference to your energy bills.

Learn your tumble dryer’s settings

Many tumble dryers have a range of settings and programs, from ‘light dry’ and ‘delicates’ to ‘very dry’ and so on. Familiarising yourself with these settings can go a long way in ensuring you’re using your appliance efficiently and managing your energy consumption. For example, why run your dryer at a high-temperature program if the load you’re drying can be dried more quickly with a shorter, cooler and more energy-efficient program?

Also, if your dryer has an auto-dry function, use this setting as much as you can. A timed cycle could leave your machine running even after your items are already dry, but the auto dry setting will only dry your clothes in the amount of time that they need, saving you both time and energy in the process.

To learn more about using your dryer’s settings and programs efficiently, watch our video below!

Clean your tumble dryer’s lint filter

Another easy way to save energy with your tumble dryer is to give it a regular clean. The most important cleaning task is to clean the filter by removing all the lint after every tumble drying cycle. A build-up of lint will not only cause your appliance to run less efficiently due to struggling to dry items, but it could also be a fire risk if the lint gets inside your machine.

If you have a vented tumbler dryer, be sure to regularly check the outside vent and the vent hose for any lint, dust or debris too. This will allow your dryer to vent air out safely and efficiently. Also, if you have a condenser tumble dryer, remember to empty the condenser drawer of water after every cycle. If the drawer becomes too full, the cycle will keep stopping, meaning you have to use more energy to start it up again.

All in all, keeping your dryer clean is a great way to keep it in good condition and improve its efficiency. Watch our tumble dryer cleaning guide here to learn more!

Use energy-saving tumble dryer balls

Energy-saving tumble dryer wool balls are one of the most effective ways to use your tumble dryer more efficiently and shorten drying cycles to save energy. Placing a couple of these balls in with your laundry load during a cycle can reduce drying time by up to 30%, which means far less energy used and a lower energy bills as a result!

Tumble dryer balls work by separating your items as they spin, which helps hot air circulate around and between them. Not only does this result in more efficient drying, but it also softens your laundry without the need for any harsh chemicals or fabric softeners.

For advice on how to get the most out of your tumble dryer balls and use them for the best results, take a look at our video!

Extra tumble dryer energy-saving tips

Alongside all of the above, here are a few extra little tips that can help you reduce the energy output of your tumble dryer:

  • Store your dryer in a warm area: Where you store your dryer can have a big impact on its energy usage. Keeping your appliance in a cold garage or lean-to could mean that it takes longer to heat up, using more energy as a result. So, if you can, store your dryer in a warmer area in your home so that it doesn’t have to work as hard (or for as long) to get and stay warm.
  • Don’t overload your dryer: When loading your dryer, you need to know how much to fill it. An overfull dryer will take longer to dry items and an empty dryer will use excess energy for fewer items. Fill your dryer around 3/4 of the way full. This way, you are making the most of the cycle but still giving your laundry space to move around freely.
  • Fix dryer faults when they arise: If your tumble dryer develops a fault, leaving it or delaying the fix will only cause more damage to the machine and cost you more in the long run. The majority of appliance faults can actually be fixed by appliance owners themselves, saving hundreds on call-out charges and engineer costs. Take a look at the eSpares Advice Centre for everything you need to diagnose, fix and replace parts in your machine to get it working to its best again.

We hope all of our tumble dryer energy-saving tips and advice will help you use your appliance more efficiently and cut down those energy bills in future! For even more guidance on saving money and energy with your dryer, watch our video below.

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