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How to Remove Gardening Stains from Your Clothes

We’re guessing that most of your gardening clothes will be little more than paint-splattered rags. We all have a holey old pair of trousers and a shapeless top we use for messy garden work. That said, every so now and then you might want to quickly do a job without bothering to change beforehand. Before you know it you’ve got stains on the good clothes that you actually want to wear in front of people. Disaster.

Undo what you have done with these solutions to eradicate the marks you’ve picked up outdoors. Rust, grass and even pollen stains will be no match for your new-found cleaning expertise.

Mould Stains On white Surface

Mould and Mildew

Mould spores once on your clothes will start to multiply, especially if the clothes are left in a cold or damp area. Don’t give them the chance!

  • Leave musty smelling or mildew spotted gardening gear out in the sun as sunshine kills the mould spores.
  • Brush over the affected area with a stiff brush to get rid of the spores.
  • If there are still marks on your clothes you can use bleach to get them off. Spot test in a non-noticeable area first if you’re worried about the effects of bleach on your item.

Person Kneeling On Grass In Garden

Grass Stains

Ah, the ever-prevalent grass stain. Equally common amongst schoolboys and gardeners alike, grass stains may be impossible to avoid, but they’re not impossible to get rid of.

  • Soak stained clothes in cold water (as hot water will set the stain).
  • Mix one part rubbing alcohol with one part water.
  • If the stain is still being stubborn, try applying neat rubbing alcohol or an alcohol-based cleaner, but take care with this method as it can cause colours to run.

Baby With Mud Stains On Clothes

Mud Stains

Muddy marks are a badge of honour of a good gardening session. You’re going to get muddy if you garden, fact. Thankfully, mud’s also one of the easiest things to remove from fabrics.

  • The main rule is to let the mud dry before you tackle it. Otherwise, the dirt will just end up getting smeared everywhere.
  • Once dry, brush as much of the mud off as you can with a stiff brush.
  • After that, as long as there are no other stains on the item, just putting it through the wash as normal should restore it to its former glory.

Orange Lily Pollen Close Up

Pollen Stains

If you brush against plants with particularly vibrant pollen you could end up keeping a lasting memento of it on your clothes. Way back when, lily pollen was used to dye clothes; that’s how darn stubborn the stains can be. But they’re still no match for your new-found cleaning expertise!

  • Try shaking the excess pollen off to remove the worst of it. Don’t rub the pollen, especially with your fingers.
  • Any remaining pollen particles can be caught by lightly pressing tape onto the affected area. When you pull off the tape the pollen should come away with it.
  • Leave the item out in the sun to bleach pollen marks and for really stubborn stains, as with grass stains, some rubbing alcohol should do the trick.

Rusty Barrel Containing Plant

Rust Stains

Rust is best avoided wherever possible as it ruins garden tools and metal fixings. Keep metal either painted or varnished to protect it and always put your spades and trowels away clean and dry. If it’s too late and some rusty metal has already marked your clothes, we’ve got the solution for that right here.

  • Orange rust stains are tough, but they meet their match with lemon juice or white vinegar.
  • Brush the worst of the rust off the stained clothes first then either rub with lemon or soak in white vinegar to get rid of the rest.
  • Act fast with this stain, the longer it’s on your clothes, the more likely it is to stick around for good.

Baby With Sun Cream On Face

Oily Marks

Wearing sun cream outside on a hot day or oiling your garden tools are both smart moves for any gardener. Sadly, your best-laid plans have a downside in the form of oil stains left behind on your clothes. Not to worry, they can be shifted.

  • There are all sorts of products around your house for shifting grease. Washing up liquid, soap or even shampoo should do the trick.
  • Work your chosen cleaning product into the item with an old toothbrush and leave to soak.
  • Wash on a hot wash and stain should be gone.

That’s all folks! Now you no longer need to have that sinking feeling of dismay whenever you notice a new mark on your clothes following some work outside. You don’t even need to fret if you’ve noticed a stain in your home, we can help you tackle that too!

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