DeLonghi ecodecalk universal descaler for coffee machines

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Coffee Maker Descaler

EcoDecalk is the new DeLonghi ecological limescale remover. Its formula is designed to be 100% eco-friendly but also more powerful against limescale deposits inside coffee machines.

The descaling liquid uses only natural and high-quality raw materials of plant origins (lactic acid) that are biodegradable and non-polluting for the environment. The packaging is made out of recycled and eco-friendly materials.

Laboratory tests prove that it is up to 3 times more effective and faster to dissolve limescale deposits if compared with traditional descalers. It's therefore ideal to restore the optimal hygienic conditions of the coffee machine.

The 500 ml pack allows to perform 4 descaling operations.


  • Protect your coffee maker from limescale
  • Formulated for automatic coffee makers & espresso coffee makers
  • 500ml capacity

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