Karcher Spare Parts and Accessories

Karcher pressure washer spares

Karcher Pressure Washer Spares & Accessories

We are a Karcher approved dealer. We stock genuine spares, tools and accessories for the full range of domestic Karcher pressure washers.

Pressure Washer Brushes Pressure Washer Hand Guns
Pressure Washer Covers Pressure Washer Hoses
Pressure Washer Detergents Pressure Washer Lances 
Pressure Washer Drain Cleaning Kits Pressure Washer Motors
Pressure Washer Elbow Joints Pressure Washer Screws
Pressure Washer Gaskets Pressure Washer T-Racers

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Karcher New Appliances

Karcher New Appliances

Great savings on the latest Karcher pressure washer models available now.

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Karcher Floorcare

Karcher Floorcare

Karcher Polisher Buffing Pads
Karcher Vacuum Bags
Karcher Vacuum Belts
Karcher Vacuum Brushes
Karcher Vacuum Cables
Karcher Vacuum Filters

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Karcher Steam Cleaner spares

Karcher Steam Cleaners

Steam Cleaner Attachments
Steam Cleaner Brushes
Steam Cleaner Cloths
Steam Cleaner Gaskets
Steam Cleaner Hoses
Steam Cleaner Nozzles

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Karcher Watering Products

Karcher Watering Products

Karcher Connectors
Karcher Hoses
Karcher Pumps
Karcher Spray Guns and Nozzles
Karcher Sprinklers
Karcher Watering Timers

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Quality Kärcher Spare Parts

Save money by fixing your Kärcher, with our range of over 3,000 quality Kärcher spares and accessories.

With our range of replacement Kärcher spares, keeping your Kärcher pressure washer working to its full potential for longer – meaning cleaning your car, patio and decking no longer needs to be a chore – is a breeze.

Our extensive range of Kärcher parts, including Kärcher K5 spares and accessories for the Kärcher window vac, means cleaning the car and achieving clean, streak free windows, can be done with ease and in a timely fashion – whilst your appliance can be kept in top condition, for less.

To make caring for, repairing and maintaining your Kärcher even easier to do yourself, at home, along with an extensive range of quality Kärcher parts, we have 100 Kärcher user manuals and 500+ easy-to-follow “How to” videos.

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