Karcher Plastic Cleaner Plug 'n' Clean Detergent

Stock Number: ES1397710

Manufactured by Karcher

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This product is compatible with:

  • Karcher Domestic K3 Series Pressure Washers
  • Karcher Domestic K4 Series Pressure Washers
  • Karcher Domestic K5 Series Pressure Washers
  • Karcher Domestic K6 Series Pressure Washers


Clean plastic surfaces around your home and garden thoroughly but gently. This powerful detergent solution for your pressure washer is ideal for cleaning patio furniture, plastic window frames and more.

  • 1 Litre bottle

It uses the new Karcher Plug 'n' Clean system and is ideal when used with the Karcher high-pressure domestic K3-K6 series.

Instructions for use: Put the Plug 'n' Clean bottle into your pressure washer. Set the metering valve to min or max, depending on the degree of soiling. Apply the cleaner at low pressure, let it take effect, then thoroughly rinse at high pressure. Don't let it dry.

Karcher accessory: Karcher Concentrated Detergents

This video should help with fitting this part. However, the exact layout and fitting technique may differ for your make and model.

Be safe - always unplug any appliance from the electricity supply before carrying out any work on it.
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