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How to Open a Washing Machine Door That's Stuck Closed

If your washing machine door is stuck closed, it might be possible, depending on your make and model, to unlock the door from the inside. To do this you’ll need to be able to tilt the washing machine to 45 degrees and reach underneath. As Rory demonstrates in this video you will definitely need a helping hand but it could save you an expensive engineer visit.

If there is a problem with your washing machine door lock, this article shows you how to replace the door interlock and door release mechanism on a Hotpoint washing machine.

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Video Transcript:

Hi I’m Rory from eSpares, if your washing machine door won’t open, or is stuck in the lock position, you can try manually opening it from the inside.

Now this won’t work for every make and model, but it’s certainly well worth giving it a go. You won’t be able to see what I’m doing when I have my hand in the machine, but I’ll be trying to release the door interlock, as well as pushing back the latch on the door release mechanism.

Now, safety first, always make sure your washing machine is unplugged, and there probably will be about a pint of water left in the machine, so you might get a bit wet. You will also need a friend to help you with this, as I’ll be tilting the washing machine on its side, so do not try this by yourself.

Now I’ll start by tilting the washing machine 45 degrees, you can’t tilt it all the way onto its side, as the drum will damage internal components. So, I’m going to now reach up inside the machine, and this will be a bit of trial and error as you’re feeling your way around so it might take you a few goes.  I’m just going to release the door interlock, as well as releasing the catch, and there you go, your door opens.

Thanks for watching.

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