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How to Fix a Broken Dishwasher Door Lock - Hotpoint Published 07/06/2010

All modern dishwashers have trip switches that stop the machine from starting if the door isn't closed properly. If your dishwasher won't close or lock, it's almost certainly a problem with either the mechanical door lock mechanism or the metal catch on the dishwasher itself. Here Matt replaces both on a Hotpoint FDW80.

However, if the door swing doesn't move smoothly or allow the door to close, it's likely a problem with the hinge. You can see Matt demonstrate how to fix it yourself in the video How to Replace a Broken Dishwasher Door Hinge.

View All Dishwasher Door Locks Now »Video Transcript:

Hi, I'm Matt from eSpares.

If your dishwasher door doesn't lock correctly, this usually means that the machine itself won't turn on. That's because there's a trip switch in the door lock mechanism so that it won't come on when the door is open. In this video, I'm going to show you how to replace the door lock mechanism and the catch on this Hotpoint dishwasher.

Now if the door won't even open correctly, that's more likely to be a problem with the hinges and you can see me in another video replacing the hinges on this dishwasher.

Safety first, do make sure you unplug from the mains before you do any work.

I'm going to start by removing these screws from along the top of the door. Okay, so now I should be able to slide out this fascia or face plate. Just be careful of this edge here - it's incredibly sharp, you can cut yourself very easily.

Uncouple the cables here to give us a little more room to work, and here you can see the door lock mechanism. Now there's just two screws holding it in place. Let's undo those. Okay, that's the old switch mechanism removed. Now we put the new door lock mechanism back in exactly the same way as the old one came out. There we go, that's firmly in place.

Just replace the connector and then pop the fascia plate back in. Just clip these cables in there and put the fascia back into the door. Again, just be careful of this sharp edge. There we go. Now we just need to replace the screws along the top of the door. There we go, that's the new door interlock in place.

Now, let me show you how to replace this catch. For this, we're going to need to take off the top plate. We just need to remove two screws at the back and then the top plate should just lift off. So we just need to remove this screw. Make sure you hold onto the nut. There we go. And the catch should just come away from the catch plate. There we go. Put the new one on exactly the same way as the old one came off. Put the screw back through and the nut back on top. There we go, we have a new catch in place. Let's put the top plate back on.

There we go, a new door lock and catch replaced on this Hotpoint dishwasher. All of those parts are available on the eSpares website.

Thanks very much for watching.

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