Reversing the swing on a fridge door - Zanussi


Do the doors on your fridge freezer bump into the cupboards inconveniently? Reverse them - here Rory demonstrates on a Zanussi ZEBF 255W.

Video Transcript:


Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares.


In this video, I'm going to be reversing the door on this Zanussi fridge freezer. Now you won't be able to reverse the door on all fridge freezers, and the process may vary for your model. You'll just have to check the user manual first.


Now as you can see, it would be more convenient in this kitchen if the door opened from this side, as it'll give you a bit more space. For this job I'll need a Phillips screwdriver and a helper.


First I'm just going to remove the shelves and all the food from the fridge so we can move it.


Now the fridge is empty, we need to move it somewhere where we can lay it on its back and get full access to it. So I'm going to switch it off at the back first, and then I'm going to get Helen to help me move it into the hallway.

So now we've moved the fridge into the hallway we've also propped it up. This is to make sure that the weight of the fridge isn't going down on the condenser coils, as this could damage them. So first I'm going to open these doors, and you'll see what I need to do to remove the doors is I'll need to remove this hinge in the middle, and this bottom hinge too. And I'm going to start by doing the foot, and these screws.

Once we've removed the bottom hinge we can also remove the freezer door so we can get to work on the middle hinge.

Once you've removed the middle hinge, you can then remove the fridge door. And what I need to do now is get the fridge ready to be hinged on the other side. To do this, I'll need to remove this top hinge pin. If yours is a bit tight just give it a twist with the pliers and place it on the other side. I'll then need to remove these plugs and put them in this side of the fridge. I'll also need to remove the plugs on the tops of the doors to go from here to here. And finally, I'll need to remove the foot and the screws from this side of the fridge.

Now that's done I just need to re-hinge the doors, but the other way around. And you must start with the top door. Don't forget to put the screws back in the original side, as well as both feet. Now let's get this back in the kitchen.

There you go, it's all done now. The fridge opens the other way, which is a lot more convenient for this kitchen. This fix-it is fairly easy to do as long as you have a friend.

Thanks for watching.