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How to Replace a Fridge Door Seal Published 11/03/2009

A fridge with a faulty seal uses more energy than it needs to. Your fridge door seal needs to be replaced if the fridge door isn't staying closed properly. Generally speaking, if the door is shut and you can slip a £5 note between the seal and the door frame, it's time for a replacement.

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Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares, in this video I will be replacing the door seal and a cracked bottle shelf on a Neff fridge.

Safety first, always make sure you disconnect your appliance from the mains before you start working on it.

We are replacing this door seal because it has become perished and is not sealing correctly. You can see me in another eSpares video replacing the door seal on an AEG freezer where I had to cut the old seal away from the door. This one is much easier and I just have to pull the door seal away from the door. So it very simply just pulls away, just run your thumb underneath it and the whole thing just comes off in one go.

I'm going to take this opportunity to clean under where the door seal is. I'm going to use a specialist fridge cleaner which is available from the eSpares website.

Now starting at the top corner, I just press the new seal in place. You need to press quite firmly to make sure it's locking in place. Continue all the way around until you get to the end. And finally we are going to replace the old cracked bottle shelf and replace it with a new one.

And the fridge door is as good as new. Remember all these parts are available on the eSpares website along with spares and accessories for over 500 brands of home and garden appliance.

Thanks for watching.

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