20 Top Tips For a Simple Spring Clean


As the days get longer and the weather gets warmer, it’s the perfect time to clean built-up grub and dust around your home. If you’ve let things go a bit this winter, here are our top tips to make your spring clean as painless and efficient as possible:

  1. Work from the top down, and inside to outside, so that you don’t end up cleaning things twice.
  2. Make sure you’re well stocked on cleaning products before you get started. This helps you avoid putting things off for another day.
  3. Dry clean before you wet clean – remove dirt and dust before you add water or cleaning products. This can save loads of time removing mucky liquid streaks.
  4. Remember to use any strong cleaners in well-ventilated areas, and open your windows to enjoy the fresh air if the weather permits.
  5. Crank up the tunes or break out an audio book to keep things interesting.
  6. Invest in good rubber or vinyl gloves to protect your skin and nails.
  7. Save trees by using microfibre cloths instead of disposable paper towels. If you’ve got any old cotton clothes you’ve cleared out of your wardrobe, these can be shredded for rags too.
  8. Filters, filters, filters – it’s a good idea to swap out all your old filters at once, while you’re at it. Remember your vacuum, cooker hood, dishwasher, tumble dryer, and washing machine. Some of these filters will just need a quick clean, but if they’re damaged or need replacing, they’re an easy and relatively inexpensive fix. Check out the eSpares Advice Centre if you need some tips on cleaning or replacing your filters.
  9. A smelly oven with caked-on grease can be an intimidating prospect. Luckily an oven cleaner will help dissolve grease and burnt food without harmful fumes. If you need advice on how to clean your cooker or ceramic hob, we've got Advice Centre articles to help.
  10. Is your dishwasher up to the task of a big spring clean? Using a dishwasher cleaner on an empty dishwasher cycle can help cleanse and sanitise the hard to reach internal dishwasher parts. Matt also has some suggestions to keep your dishwasher performing its best. Finally if you need any cleaning tips, take a look at our step-by-step Advice Centre article on cleaning your dishwasher.
  11. This might be your chance to give your fridge a good once over – and to give up and get rid of the leftovers and condiments you’re just never going to eat. Try keeping an open box of baking soda in your fridge and freezer to eliminate any strange odours. Helen has more fridge cleaning tips for you in our Advice Centre video.
  12. Microwaves can quickly become a disaster zone of food spills and caked-on stains. To freshen up your microwave, try cutting a fresh lemon in half and putting the pieces into a microwave-safe bowl. Cover the lemons with water, then cook on high in your microwave for two to three minutes. The steam will soften hardened food and the lemon scent doesn’t hurt either. For more determined muck, try a dedicated microwave cleaner. Our Advice Centre article How to Clean a Microwave Oven has some more tips for you.
  13. Spruce up your kitchen bin with a quick wipe-down using disinfectant spray, and follow with a sprinkle of baking soda to avoid unseemly odours.
  14. Don’t forget the odd bits – now is the time to dust bookshelves, oil door hinges, and clean hard to reach items like cooker hoods. Your taller guests will thank you.
  15. Spring is a good time to go through your wardrobe and get winter clothes cleaned and packed away. Offload any extras you don’t wear to charity shops, where they will find appreciative homes. Make sure your washing machine can handle the pressure – Mat explains how to keep it smelling fresh and working well.
  16. Dust before you vacuum or clean the floor. Extendable dusters are particularly useful for reaching corners and crannies. Duster attachments for your vacuum can also help get tricky bits like door frames and heat vents.
  17. Remove lingering odours while you vacuum – pop in one of these air freshener sticks when you next change your vacuum bag for a subtle spring-fresh scent.
  18. Carpets accumulate dust and dirt over time, especially in areas you don’t get to very often. Shift your furniture around a bit before you vacuum to make sure dirt isn’t building up.
  19. Give your carpet a good once over and remove any stains using a spot cleaner or pre-treatment. For helpful hints on getting your carpet spotless, see our Advice Centre article Carpet Stains and How to Treat Them.
  20. Once you’re finished, kick back and take some pictures while everything still looks glorious.