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How to Replace the Brushbar on a Dyson - DC25 Published 14/07/2010

A clogged or damaged brushroll can affect the performance of your Dyson vacuum cleaner. Watch as Helen demonstrates how to replace your ailing brushbar on a DC25.

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Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares.

A clogged or damaged brush bar can affect the performance of your Dyson. I'm going to show you how to clean or replace the brush bar on this Dyson DC25.

To do this, I need to remove the cleaner head, I just pull up this button and pull the head towards me. Now the cleaner head assembly can be bought as one whole unit, but the brush bar itself can be bought as a separate part as well.

To open it up I just need a coin, I need to twist the end cap 90 degrees and pull out. So if your brush bar is clogged, just remove any hair or debris that's caught between the brushes. If it's really badly damaged though, you'll want to replace it.

Now this is a motorised brush bar, so if it's not actually turning you may find that it's a problem with the belt, which is located here, you can see me replacing that in another video, or the motor, which is located here. This is not replaceable, so if there's a problem with the motor, you'll need to replace the entire cleaner head assembly.

So now I'm going to put it back together, I just pop it in and twist it back. Make sure you remember to lock it. Now this bit can be quite tricky to get into place, there we go.

The brush bar and cleaner head assembly are available on the eSpares website, thanks for watching.

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