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How to Replace the Belt on a Dyson DC04 Published 15/06/2010

If your brushroll isn't turning correctly and your Dyson is losing suction, a possible culprit could be the belt. In this video eSpares demonstrate how to replace the belt on a DC04.

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Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares.

If your Dyson DC04 has lost suction, it could be a problem with the belt. Now, over time, these belts can become loose and worn and they can even snap. If this is the case, you're going to replace it. In this video, I'm going to show you how to replace the belt on this Dyson DC04.

Now, to get to the belt, I'll need to turn the vacuum over, so I'm just going to remove the cyclone and bin, as well as the post-motor filter lid and post-motor filter. You don't have to do this, but it's just going to make it easier for me to have a flat surface.

So now I'm just turning the vacuum over and what I need to do is remove this sole plate. To do that, I'll need to turn these locks with a flathead screwdriver and just remove like that. Now you can see how it works, you've got the belt here, it's going around the brush roll and around this motor spindle.

What I need to do first is remove the belt from the motor spindle, to do this, you need a flathead screwdriver. What you need to do is just lift it up and back and just coax out the belt with your finger, there you go, I've now removed the belt from the spindle so I can now pull away the brush roll and put the old belt to one side.

Now I have the new belt which, as you can see, isn't as big as the old one and this is because obviously it hasn't been stretched as it hasn’t been in action yet. So now I'm just going to replace it. Just put it back around the brush roll, feed it through the assembly and then put the brush roll back in, make sure you line it up all good. Now, I just need to put the new belt back on, to do that again, use your flathead screwdriver, pull the belt towards you and just put the lower side of the belt around the motor spindle.

Now I've done the fiddly job of getting the belt on the spindle, I just need to roll the brush roll a few times to get the belt lined up, and now I can put the sole plate back on and get everything put back together.

There you go, new belt fitted, and a lot easier than you may think.

Thanks for watching.

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