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How to Replace Dyson DC04 Filters Published 08/05/2009

If your Dyson has lost suction and is struggling to pick up the dirt from your floors, it may be that the vacuum cleaner filter needs replacing. Find out how to replace it by watching this eSpares video.

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Hi, I'm Rory from eSpares, if your Dyson DC04 has lost suction, the most probable cause is the filters in the vacuum becoming dirty or clogged.

Safety first: always unplug the machine from the mains before changing any spares on it.

Now there’s two filters in the DC04, there’s the pre-motor filter which filters out fine dust particles which can cause allergies, it’s one spare but it comes apart. Now this is washable, and must be washed every six months – and you do that by just running it under the tap. But if it’s really filthy then I’d just get a new one.

There’s also this post-motor filter, which you must replace regularly and it isn’t washable.

Now I’m going to start by replacing the pre-motor filter, just by opening the cyclone assembly, as you can see this one is a bit mankey, so pop that to one side and pop the new one in – as simple as that. Now I’m going to replace the post-motor filter.

I do that by removing the post-filter lid and putting it to one side, as you can see as well this one is absolutely horrible, so just get rid of that, put in the new one and I’m just going to replace the post-filter lid. Make sure this is lined up correct, because if not it can easily break.

Now I’m just going to put the cyclone and bin back on the vacuum, job done.

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