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How to Replace a Wave Guide Cover Published 11/03/2009

A wave guide cover is an inexpensive spare and could save you the cost of replacing your microwave. Here Helen shows you how to fit a wave guide cover, with a bonus tip on how to get your microwave sparkling clean.

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Hi, I'm Helen from eSpares, in this video I will be replacing the wave guide cover in a Neff microwave.

Safety first: always make sure you disconnect the appliance from the mains before you start working on it - in this case this is a built-in microwave so the switch is in the cupboard below.

In order to make sure that you're getting the correct parts for your appliance you need to know your model number. This can usually be found on the door or on the inside of the door, in this case it's found here.

Before we replace the wave guide cover we're going to remove the glass turntable and the roller ring. This can often get damaged when you remove them to clean them, and they are available on the eSpares website.

Now this here is the wave guide cover, the wave guide cover is a metallic sheet that guides the waves from the magnetron to cook your food. This can become corroded or accidentally damaged. So if you've noticed sparks or arcing in your microwave, this is probably due to a damaged or dirty wave guide cover.

So let's start by removing the old cover. We're going to start by removing the screw that holds on the wave guide cover, and then the cover just slides out. Now before we put in the new wave guide cover we need to make sure that this area here is completely clean, so now we just slide in the new cover and replace the holding screw.

Now that the wave guide cover has been replaced we can replace the roller ring and the glass turntable to the microwave.

Also for a great way to clean your microwave, take a microwavable jug or bowl with 300ml of water, squeeze in half a lemon and pop the whole thing in the microwave for 5 minutes on full power. Once that is done wipe away the condensation with a soft cloth and you will be left with a clean and fresh smelling microwave.

All these microwave spare parts can be bought on the eSpares website. Thanks for watching.


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