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How to Replace A Dishwasher Flow-Through Heater

Dishwashers have either a flow-through type or a conventional element in the bottom of the cavity. Its function is to heat the water in your appliance.

If it becomes faulty, you may notice issues with the programmes and this may cause the machine to wash continually, or will lead to a dip in cleaning performance.

If you need to replace the flow-through heater but are unsure where to start, there’s no need to panic. We’ll talk you through how to successfully replace the flow-through heater without damaging your dishwasher.


This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

Please Note: If your dishwasher uses a standard element heater, rather than a flow- through heater such as this, then this video is not relevant to you.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please make sure that you have switched your appliance off at the mains before starting your repair.

Step 2 - Position The Dishwasher On It's Back

Well as obvious as it sounds, we need to get to the flow-through heater, don’t we! To do this you have to get to the underneath of your dishwasher, and the best way is to pull it out and lay it down on its back.

Time for a Top Tip from eSpares - use a towel to mop up any spillages, and also have something to rest the dishwasher on so that you don’t damage your floor.

Step 3 - Remove The Base Plate

Off with the base plate now! There are 4 screws that need to be taken off (along with the legs too). In this particular model, the two legs at the top will come out with the base plate - while the two at the bottom will stay attached to the dishwasher.

However, some dishwasher models may need all or none of the legs removing, before you can fully remove the base plate.

Step 4 - Remove The Anti-Flood Sensor From The Base Panel

Most dishwashers have an anti-flood sensor attached to the base plate. You can either remove the anti-flood sensor by unscrewing it, or you can remove the electrical connections from the terminals - but it is important to do this in order to fully remove the base panel from the cabinet.

Step 5 - Remove The Pump & Take Out The Heater

Now you have the flow-through heater in your sights…but it is still difficult to get to, right? Well, what you can do to help is actually take the pump out, by removing the screws either side of it.

Ok, next thing to do now is to actually take out the heater. To do this you have to remove the three electrical connectors and then unclip it from the bracket at the top, (which is there to support the weight of the heater and the hose)

Step 6 - Separate The Heater From The Hoses

There are some single-use hose clips that are holding the hoses on to the heater. You will possibly need to use a little bit of force to remove them, or alternatively, you can use some water pump pliers to work the clips off the heater.

Step 7 - Replace The Heater

The time has come to add your new heater now!. You can replace the old single-use clips with some standard jubilee clips (these will be designed to be re-used, and they're also much easier to adjust).

Once you have attached the hoses and clips to the new heater, just reconnect the electrical connections and fit the support bracket at the top. Finally to finish off, just refit the float switch and the base before lifting the machine upright and reinstalling it.

Congratulations - you have now successfully been able to replace your dishwasher flow-through heater! You can now get back to being able to have the dishwasher do all the hard work, rather than you have to clean them by hand!

You now have the knowledge that you have fixed the flow-through heater all by yourself (with a little help from eSpares of course!)

Fancy Giving Your Dishwasher Some Loving Care & Attention?

Your dishwasher no doubt works hard for you on getting your plates and glasses nice and clean after mealtimes. If you want to show it some TLC, then it is a great idea to protect it from the build-up of limescale & detergent that can happen over time in your machine.

Introducing the eSpares Limescale & Detergent Remover which is highly recommended by our customers -  as well as removing bad odours and bacteria build-up.

Need To Locate The Correct Flow-Through Heater For Your Dishwasher?

As well as being one of the easiest DIY appliances fixes out there, fixing your dishwasher flow through heater yourself can save you a lot of money compared to booking a repair or buying a new dishwasher.

Here at eSpares, we have a wide-range of replacement dishwasher flow-through heaters for you to select from - so you can soon be on your way to repairing it yourself.

Now you can add dishwasher flow-through heater replacement to your DIY repertoire. Congratulations!

If you need any other help for your appliances you can find more videos from Mat and the team at eSpares, who are always on hand with appliance repair advice in your time of need. 

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