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How to Find Your Dishwasher Model Number

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We recommend that you buy genuine spare parts when possible. To buy the right spares for your dishwasher, you'll need your model number. But where to look?


  1. The door
    Usually dishwasher model numbers are displayed behind the door. Check the top edge of the door inside, and all of the sides.
  2. The kick strip
    Next, see the base of the dishwasher or the "kick strip" under the door at the front. On some models you'll need to lower the door all the way, get on your knees and look at the base of the dishwasher in the area normally obscured by the door.
  3. The back and sides
    If you've had no luck so far, check the side panels and the back - be careful not to rip the flooring as most dishwashers don't have wheels.

Dishwasher Model Numbers For Specific Brands:

  Bosch Dishwasher Model Number Location Bosch Dishwasher Model Number Closeup


  Miele Dishwasher Model Number Location Miele Dishwasher Model Number Closeup


  • Miele dishwasher model numbers always begin with a letter. You may also need the serial number.
  • Once you've found it, select your Miele dishwasher model number from this list to find genuine spares.


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