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How to Fix an E03 Error Code on a Hoover Washing Machine

Hoover Washing Machine Error Code E03

If your Hoover washing machine is faulty and you’re not sure what to do, the first place to check is the control panel. If you can either see E03 displayed or an LED is continuously flashing three times before pausing, then repeating, your machine is displaying an error code. This E03 error code means that your washing machine has encountered a draining problem.

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How to Diagnose and Fix Fault Code E03

Hoover Washing Machine Drain Pump

Washing Machine Drain Filter

There are a couple of problems that could stop your Hoover washing machine from draining properly. Here’s what to do to check it:

  • Switch off and unplug your washing machine.
  • Remove the drain filter and rinse it to clean it. (Put down a towel first as water may run out!)
  • Check the drain pump and remove any blockages. 
  • Check that the drain hose is clear of obstructions.
  • Check the wiring to the drain pump.
  • Check there is no blockage in the drain pipe.

If you’ve just installed your machine it’s also worth checking that there is no cap on the drain pipe under your sink. Sinks with no washing machine installed will have a cap in place instead to stop water leaking out. Make sure this cap is removed before connecting the washing machine and kept in a safe place (e.g. Sellotaped to the pipe) or your washing machine won’t be able to drain.

If you’ve removed a blockage from the drain pump and the error still shows when you turn your machine back on you may need to replace the pump as it could have burnt out due to the obstruction. Otherwise after taking the above steps the error should have been cleared. 

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