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How an Electric Hover Mower Works

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The most common form of lawnmower uses rotating blades to scythe the grass, other mowers – often favoured by professional gardeners and groundsmen – use a cylindrical blade. Some lawnmowers have a roller, usually driven by a petrol motor, to help propel the mower forward, but most models need to be pushed back and forth by the user. The electric hover mower makes it easy for the user to push, by creating a cushion of air beneath the mower.

A spring-loaded grip-style safety switch controls the power supply to an electric motor, which is mounted vertically above the blades. The motor operates only when the switch is gripped.

The motor is covered by a housing, which contains vents with a foam filter to prevent grass and dirt getting inside. The motor drives the fan and blades directly.

The fan draws air in through the housing and blows it out beneath the mower, to create a cushion of air upon which the mower hovers. The blades, which can be metal or plastic, rotate at high speed and the sharp edges cut the grass.

The air also pushes the cuttings out from under the mower. The user moves the mower back and forth as it floats on the air cushion. The position of the blade can be adjusted to change the cutting height.

Alternative Design:

Some electric rotary mowers and all electric cylinder mowers use metal blades instead of plastic ones. The blades need to be kept sharp if a mower is to maintain its cutting efficiency. Always refer to the manufacturer's instructions before starting repairs.

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