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How an Electric Hover Mower Works

There are many types and brands of mowers to choose from - from petrol cylinder mowers to the electric hover mower; these all perform the same primary function, which is to cut your lawn.

Here we will run through how your hover mower works, there are two different designs some use metal blades instead of plastic blades.

Starting the Mower

Electric hover mowers make it easy for you to push it around, it creates a cushion of air beneath the mower. A spring-loaded safety switch which is located on the grip controls the power supply to the electric motor. Mounted vertically above the blades the motor only engages when the switch is gripped.

The Motor

Covered by the housing, the motor and housing is protected by foam filters - these help prevent grass clippings and dirt from getting inside. The primary role of the motor is to drive the fan and blades, without the motor the machine would not be able to perform the tasks it was intended for.

The Fan

Drawing air in through the housing; the fan then blows it out beneath the mower, thus creating the cushion of air. Using this cushion the mower can hover allowing you to move the machine cutting the grass.

The air is also used to push the grass cuttings out from under the machine, unlike lawnmowers which have grass boxes, hover mowers will disperse the cuttings throughout the lawn.

The Blades

Either manufactured in metal or plastic the blades rotate at high speeds, this allows them to efficiently cut the grass. Like all mowers, when wanting to cut your lawn you may require adjusting the height of the blades, this can easily be done. Follow our advice article here where you’ll be guided through it in easy to follow steps.

Hopefully this article has helped give you some insight into how your electric hover mower works. Knowing, even the most basic information could help you diagnose a fault leading you to perform a repair yourself.

For more helpful articles don’t forget to see our other advice centre guides where we can help you diagnose a fault with your dishwasher to your vacuum cleaner.

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