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Common Pressure Washer Faults

When owning a pressure washer, throughout its lifespan you could come across three primary faults which could leave your washer stopped dead. Below, we have gathered some useful tips on how to hopefully restore your washer and have you back cleaning your car, patios and decking.

Not Starting

Blocked Lance or Jet

When your pressure washer is not starting there could a variety of reasons, therefore we shall begin looking at a blocked lance.

You will want to clear any obstruction in the nozzle for a little more detail in how to do this you can see our other article here.

Pulsating Pump or Pressure Issues

Could the inlet filter be blocked? You’ll want to check - Carefully removing the inlet filter and giving it a clean or any dirt can help restore any pressure related faults.

If you’re still suffering then you’ll want to check the internal tubes and valves, over time these can become worn and perished. If this is a problem you have found then we recommend contacting a qualified engineer.

Hose Length

Is your pressure washers hose length a tad bit too long? Well perhaps try and replace it with a shorter hose. If the water has further to travel, over the distance the water will lose its pressure. It is recommended that your pressure hose is no longer than 30 metres.

Low Flow & Chemical Injection

If you’re suffering from low flow rates then try these steps to help relieve the issue.

  • There could be air in the system. Try turning off the pump and holding the trigger open for a few moments, before turning it back on. If this does not fix the problem, 
  • Check the water supply tap is open and the inlet valve is not blocked.
  • Check if the nozzle on the lance is blocked, you could also try a new lance nozzle.

No Pressure

Having a pressure washer with no pressure may seem counterproductive, therefore check out our tips below for diagnosing and possibly fixing the pressure to your pressure washer.

  • Is your mains voltage different from that of the appliance? Check the mains voltage corresponds to the specification of the machine.
  • A simple one, is the plug connected? Sounds daft we know but some may forget to plug in the machine or even turn it on.
  • Is your plug socket defective socket? Perhaps try another socket. If that does nothing then perhaps check to see if the fuse has blown and change if required.
  • A final thing you could check is if the extension or power cable has become damaged or faulty.

Hopefully this guide can help restore your pressure washer, however we do understand that some faults may be a little more difficult to diagnose and repair. If this is the situation you are faced with then we do recommend seeking help from a qualified engineer.

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