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How to Clean a Pressure Washer

Regular maintenance and cleaning of your pressure washer can help ensure it works for longer and could help avoid a range of problems down the road. Below we have highlighted some simple steps you can take to keep your pressure washer washing time and time again.

If while cleaning your pressure washer you come across any damaged components, don’t worry because it's quite simple to replace. If you need a new handgun, hose, washer or you need a refill of detergent see our pressure washer shop to find what you need.

Cleaning The Washer Nozzle

Cleaning the nozzle

You should regularly inspect and unblock your pressure washer nozzle, to begin start by unplugging the machine from the mains supply.

Flush the jet through with clean water, taking a fine needle, carefully insert the needle, this will dislodge any build-up.

eSpares Top Tip: When poking the nozzle with the needle, be careful you don’t widen the hole.

Cleaning the Filter

Your pressure washer will have a filter, this, like a vacuum cleaner filter will need cleaning to help ensure the machine will continue to run at optimal performance.

Step 1 - Removing the Inlet Filter

When starting, detach the cold-water hose and unscrew the inlet nozzle and carefully remove the inlet filter with a pair of long-nosed pliers.

Step 2 - Clean Out the Dirt

Removing inlet filter

With the filter removed you can now wash it under running water, make sure that your filter is cleared of any dirt or debris. If necessary, using an old toothbrush you can remove the more stubborn areas of dirt.

Step 3 - Refit the Filter

Once cleaned you can then reverse the process to re-insert the inlet filter and put your pressure washer in storage for the next time.

There you have it, following these tips should help you keep your pressure washer running for longer.

The information provided above should only be used as a guide. If you have any doubts about repairing home and garden appliances, please contact a qualified engineer.

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