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Dr. Beckmann Cleaning Range

Dr. Beckmann Cleaning Range

Find what you need to remove stains of all kinds with the Dr. Beckmann stain removal and cleaning range! With over 40 years of experience, Dr. Beckmann are the cleaning pros when it comes to removing stubborn stains, and their wide selection of stain removal products is here to help you get your home stain-free once more.

Whether you need to keep your carpets and floors spotless, keep your laundry looking fresh and sanitise your washing machine or dishwasher, or clean and remove stains from any other part of your home, Dr. Beckmann's cleaning products are here to make easy work of stain removal and help you replenish your cleaning arsenal for any other stains that might arise in future. Happy cleaning!

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Dr. Beckmann Stain Devils Survival Kit

Removes over 40 stubborn stains including red wine, gravy, cooking oil, fat, tea, fruit juice, ball point ink and felt tip - every home should have one!