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Washing Machine Not Taking In Detergent And Fabric Softener

We’ve all had the problem of opening the drawer at the end of the washing cycle, only to find the detergent and fabric conditioner still present in the drawer. What could be the problem then?  

The fault could be the result of a common problem which we have identified in this article.

To help get your washer working and performing the basic tasks as it once did, read on to see if we can help.

We have aimed to help restore your appliance without the need for an expensive call out cost - or the need of a whole new washer.

Cause 1

Build Up Of Fabric Conditioner

So the detergent has gone down into the washing machine, but the fabric softener is still there! Over time if not maintained your drawer may suffer from a build-up, blocking the syphon tube (this is a small tube located underneath the fabric softener cover) - possibly resulting in a smelly washing machine.  

Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.

  • Inspect by removing the detergent drawer and locate the conditioner tube.
  • Using some warm water and a tiny brush to clean the tube and drawer.
  • After cleaning the dispenser drawer, fill the soap drawer with water to the top - if unblocked then the drawer will syphon the contents away.

This simple but crucial task of maintenance is key to ensuring that your washing machine can still perform the role it was intended for.

Cause 2

Blocked Dispenser Water Jets

With the detergent drawer open, turn your attention to the “roof” of the soap container. There are dozens of spray jets that deliver water to the detergent and conditioner compartments.

It's very common for mould to build up in this area.

Safety First! Please make sure your appliance is switched off before beginning any maintenance work.

Follow our steps below to clear any residue:

  • Spray a limescale solution generously and using an old brush remove any residue.
  • Rinse and refit the drawer; run a wash cycle to check if the jets are filling.
  • If it’s not filling, you may need to replace the top dispenser

eSpares Top Tip: We recommend to check your drawer once a month to ensure your machine runs efficiently and maintain your washer's performance. 

To see us cleaning a washing machine in more detail click here

If a replacement is required - take a look at our catalogue of spare washing machine dispenser drawers here to get your washer repaired.

For replacing and fitting your drawer housing, see our easy to follow video guide.

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