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Strange Noises Coming From A Dyson V8

Vacuum cleaners are naturally noisy but what happens when the noise you're used to is masked by a new sound!

If the new, unusual noise is coming from your Dyson V8 cleaner you may be concerned. See our helpful article to help diagnose the cause and hopefully remedy your noisy vacuum.

Cause 1


A high pitched whistle can sometimes be heard because of a perished or damaged seal, or more commonly a blockage within the machine.

If there is a problem with the seal then unfortunately a replacement would be required.

If the whistle appears to be from a blockage then you will want to remove it.

  • First, remove all tools and accessories and put the cleaner into max power mode.
  • With the tools removed you can look for blockages, if you find any debris inside the tubes then carefully proceed to remove it.
  • Retest the cleaner by pressing the trigger for ten seconds.

If the whistling still persists then you will need to replace the main body.

By following the steps above it should have helped stop the whistling from your machine.

Cause 2


If the motor is pulsing then the fault could be due to a blockage in and around the tools, dirt bin or filter area. If there is no blockage apparent then you'll want to test the machine without any tools, the bin or the filter attached.

If your hoover continues to pulse after removing the tools, bin and filter, then unfortunately the fault will lie with the main body, and you can replace the main body assembly from our range of V8 spares.

Cause 3

Other Noises

If you are hearing noises similar to rattling, grating or grinding then you'll want to run the cleaner without the accessories or bin attached.

When your cleaner runs fine without the bin then we can presume that it is the bin that is the cause. We suggest that a new bin is purchased and fitted. However you can choose to refit your current bin, but the issue may still persist.

If the noises still remain with the bin removed, then the fault is not with the bin, and you will need to look at replacing the main body assembly.