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Loose Oven Door Handle

If you have come to open or the door on your cooker, only to find that the handle has become loose and unstable, you have arrived at the right place for help and support. We have step-by-step guides and videos that will teach you how to repair and fix the handle on your oven door yourself.

We all go through phases where we get inventive with our cooking skills; either labouring over that creamy chicken and mushroom pie or baking your favourite carrot cake topped with pistachios.

An oven without a functioning handle is ineffective in opening and closing the door securely, not to mention hard to work with too. However, the door handle on an oven is inclined to wear and it’s not uncommon to break either - especially if you’ve got a heavy-handed family member using it when cooking dinner.

The good news is that replacing a door handle is inexpensive and easy to fit. We will walk you through how to fix yours with our easy step-by-step guide, so that you can get back to rustling up your baked goodies without having the door handle gripping onto the fitting nut.

Cause 1

Door Handle

A loose oven door handle can be a nuisance which can prevent you from opening and closing the door - leading to much frustration for you when it comes to preparing your meals at dinner time.

  • If your cooker’s door handle is loose, it may only require the screws to be tightened.

If upon further inspection though, you realise that the handle is in fact damaged and needs replacing, a brand new handle can be purchased from our extensive range of spares within our cooker and hob related spares here.

Not only that, you can see our easy to follow video guide so you can fit the handle yourself with no issues.

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