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AEG Washing Machine Error Code E50/E51/E52/E53/E54/E56/E57/E58/E59/E60/E61/E62

For the drum in your washing machine to run smoothly, the motor will need to operate correctly ensuring to turn promptly throughout the complete cycle. If the digital display on your washer showing any of the following error codes E50/E51/E52/E53/E54/E56/E57/E58/E59/E60/E61/E62, the likely cause for this would be a defective motor.

As daunting as it can be, you don’t have to worry as we have investigated into the possible reasons to why this problem can arise.

Cause 1

Carbon Brushes

The carbon brushes on an AEG washing machine is another part that can prevent the machine from washing. If your washing machine is not turning the drum when it’s filled with water or on a spin cycle the problem can be due to worm motor brushes.

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before beginning any repair.

Depending on your model, remove the backplate to access the motor
  • Once you have access remove the motor
  • Check for wear on the carbon brushes and replace if required. 
If replacement brushes are required, don’t forget to see our extensive range of spare parts for your washing machine here.
For a more detailed look at how to replace the motor brushes see our handy guide.

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