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How to Replace a Fan Oven Element

If your cooker isn't heating up, the problem is usually going to be a blown or faulty element. Firstly, just to check you are on the right path, here are the warning signs that your fan oven element needs to be replaced:

  • The element has blown
  • There are bright spots or uneven patches on the element when the cooker is in use
  • The oven trips the electricity when the element is turned on but may work using another i.e. Grill

If you need to replace the element in your cooker you’ve come to the right place. If you don’t know where to start there’s no need to panic. We’ll talk you through how to successfully replace it without damaging your oven - or singeing your eyebrows!

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

Most elements are fitted from the front of the cooker, which means that you can work on many standalone cookers and built-in cookers like this one with it remaining in-situ so you won’t actually need to remove it from its cavity.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice (Turn Off Your Cooker)

Safety First! Please make sure that you have disconnected the power to your appliance before starting your repair.

Step 2 - Locate Element

Let’s make life a bit easier for you, by getting you to see fully inside the oven. To do this if possible remove the oven door.

Now, on most oven doors, there will be a latch on both hinges - and when locked in the “open” position it will allow you to close the door up and then gently lift it off.

Step 3 - Remove Element

Time to get that old element removed…so first things first, you need to actually get to the element (Ok, that’s stating the obvious we know!).

To do this you need to remove the metal back plate (which funnily enough is as the name suggests, located at the back of your oven).

The fan oven element can be found hiding behind this back plate. All you need to do is remove the four screws that are holding the plate in place.

Once these are removed you will have the element in your sights and you can now gently ease the element out.

At this stage the wires will still be connected to it so for the moment, you can just allow it to rest.

Step 4 - Connecting The Wires

Ready for the tricky part of the process now? Time to remove the element from the wires (these consist of “live”, “neutral” and on some elements “earth”).

A little eSpares Top Tip for you at this stage - take a photo of how the element is connected to the wires, so you can check you have wired the new element in the same way later on.

Simply remove the connectors from the element to the wires (you can use some pliers if they are not willing to come out freely for you)...but just make sure that you pull on the connectors rather than the wires themselves.

Step 5 - Fitting The New Element

Now you are ready to fit your new element! You just need to wire it in, using the photo you had taken before showing the old element and then fix it to the back panel.

Finish off by then re-attaching any of the panels removed and then finally the oven door - remembering to put the latches down on the door once attached.

Congratulations - you have now successfully been able to replace your fan oven element!

You can now get back to creating your tasty meals at dinner time again, in the knowledge that you have fixed the fan element all by yourself (with a little help from eSpares of course!).

Fancy Giving Your Oven A Clean Now?

If you've discovered how dirty your oven is, why not use a non-caustic oven cleaner to spruce it up.

What does it cost to replace an oven element?

As well as being one of the easiest D.I.Y appliance fixes out there, fixing your oven element yourself can save you a lot of money compared to booking a repair or buying a new cooker.

Some oven elements right here on the eSpares site will even give you change from a £10 note!

Now you can add oven element replacement to your D.I.Y repertoire. Congratulations! 

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