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Finding The Right Screwdriver For The Job

If you've ever tried to undo a screw with the wrong screwdriver, you'll have struggled one way or another. If it's too big, it won't fit into the head to turn the screw. If it's too small, the screwdriver will spin round and ruin the screw head. Using the wrong spanner size on a nut will have similar results.

There are many screw head types used on home and garden appliances - Torx, Allen, Phillips, Pozidriv and slotted, to name a few.

We recommend:

  • Keep an Allen Key Set and Torx Head Screwdriver Set handy
    Many appliance repairs will require Torx head screwdrivers somewhere along the line.
  • Look through Product Reviews and Ask & Answer sections
    If your appliance repair requires a spare part, look through the reviews and Q&A sections for the spare you'll be fitting. eSpares customers often leave reviews with tips on what tools made the job easier.
  • Know how to identify different screw heads
    If you're new to home repairs, take a look through the list of screw heads below to identify the different shapes available. Many of them look similar enough that they're easily confused.
Different Types of Screw Head


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