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Sebo X1 Spares

At eSpares, we have hundreds of spares for Sebo vacuum cleaners. In this video, Rory shows us the most commonly replaced spares for a classic Sebo X1.

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Video Transcript

At eSpares, we sell hundreds of spare parts for Sebo vacuum cleaners.

This is an X1 model, it’s a classic and very popular vacuum.

The most commonly replaced spare parts for it are vacuum bags, that come with their own end caps so that you don’t get dust everywhere when you’re replacing them.

Filters, like this three-layer micro filter as well as the more heavy-duty charcoal filter which is good if you have pets. You can also get the exhaust filter which goes just in there.

All of these filters and bags are available separately but you can get them all together in a service box which is pretty handy.

We also have tools like the upholstery tool, the brush tool and the crevice tool.

Hoses are quite easily damaged but they are also easily replaceable, you can get them as well.

You can also get extension tubes.

Underneath the vacuum, you can get brush rolls as well as brush roll end caps and soleplates.

You can also actually buy replacement front covers, which are really easy to replace.

And, if your cable breaks, you can get new ones with handles attached or just the cable by itself.

You can also get more integral parts of the vacuum like drive belts and motors.

All these spare parts are available at the eSpares website.

Thanks for watching.

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