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Whether you’re looking to cure a smelly washing machine, find a way to reduce the energy consumption of your tumble dryer, utilise space in your fridge with the help of a universal wine bottle rack, or use a Karcher K2 Pressure Washer, our product demonstration videos will have all the information and guidance you need.



With the Karcher K2 Pressure Washer and accompanying accessories, unblocking your outside drains, providing a showroom finish to your car as you clean it and removing dirt and moss from your patio and decking is a lot easier and cheaper.

The Karcher T-Racer Patio Cleaner for example uses 2 dirt blasting nozzles which help you achieve a deep, thorough clean of your patio and decking, helping it look like new. Another great accessory for your Karcher Pressure Washer, is the drain cleaning kit which uses powerful water nozzles to push the kit through the blockages, unblocking your drain as it goes – removing the need for plumber call outs.

Laundry Appliances:

A common problem facing households throughout the UK is a smelly washing machine, which is caused by the build up of bacteria and mould in various crevices of the appliance, including the drum and soap dispenser drawer.

Curing a smelly washing machine is a straightforward task, which involves carrying out a maintenance wash once a month, using a dedicated limescale and detergent remover which will tackle hidden dirt and grime on the internal components of your washing machine.

In addition to keeping your washing machine clean and fresh, it’s important to make the most out of your tumble dryer, particularly during winter months. Running your tumble dryer needn’t be expensive, particularly when you can incorporate energy saving tumble dryer balls into the load.

Tumble dryer balls reduce the drying time by up to 25%, saving you money, whilst also helping to soften your clothes as they spin due to breaking down the stiffness that’s caused by water drying in the fabric.

Household Accessories:

Finding space in your home can often seem like a nightmare, but there are some handy accessories available which enable you to utilise the space available in the best possible manner.

The universal washer and dryer stacking kit, for example, allows you to safely stack your washing machine and tumble dryer on top of one another – allowing you to save space within your utility room, without the need for having to get rid of anything.

Our universal fridge wine bottle rack shelf on the other hand, provide you with an additional shelf in the fridge, using space which otherwise wouldn’t be accessible – helping you to keep your white wine chilled, even when your fridge shelves are full.

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