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How to Use a Potato Peeler Attachment - Kenwood

Make the most out of your Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major by knowing how to use all the attachments. In this video, eSpares explain how to use the potato peeler attachment.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares.

To demonstrate the potato peeler or AT444 I'll be using the Kenwood Chef, for the Kenwood Major, you'll need the potato peeler version AT445.

For this I'll be using baby new potatoes, for the chef do not exceed a Kilogramme of potatoes and for the Major do not exceed 1.5 Kilogrammes of potatoes. The potato peeler is made up of three parts, the bowl, the rotating plate and the lid.

To begin using simply pop your rotating plate inside the bowl, put in enough water to cover the plate and then put your potatoes in. Pop your lid on nice and firmly, like so, and put into the base of your machine making sure it’s locked into position. Next drop your mixing head ensuring that the rotating pin is located in the top of the rotary plate shaft like so.

Turn your machine on no higher than 3 for the potato peeler. After a couple of minutes unplug your appliance for safety, lift up your rotating head, take off the bowl and once rinsed there you have perfectly peeled potatoes.

You can use the potato peeler for other vegetables but it is recommended for larger vegetables to be cut down to smaller pieces.

Thanks for watching.

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