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How to Use a Multi-Mincer Attachment - Kenwood

Achieve perfectly minced meat at home, when using the multi-mincer attachment - which is perfect for use with the Kenwood Chef and Kenwood Major, as explained in this eSpares video.

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Video Transcript

Hi I'm Mat from eSpares, in this video I'll be demonstrating the multi-food mincer attachment or the AT950, for this I'll be using the Kenwood Chef but you can also use this on the Kenwood Major.

The multi-food mincer attachment comes in several parts. The tray or hopper, the dish, mincer body, scroll, cutter, ring nut and ring nut spanner, three screens, medium, fine and course, the meat pusher inside which comes two sausage makers, a thin and a thick and a kebbe maker.

To begin using the attachment put all the pieces together. The scroll sits inside the mincer body making sure its upright at the back so it locates properly. Put your cutter in making sure it sits properly blade up, choose your screen – for this I'm using the fine screen, again making sure it sits properly in the body. Put the ring nut on loosely at first you can always tighten it with the spanner later.

For this I'll be using the slow speed outlet and on setting 4. Remove the cover, grab the attachment making sure it locks into place using the catch, tighten the ring nut and pop your tray on top.

The mincer attachment is fantastic for mincing raw meat, fish or nuts. For this I'll be using inch thick pork loin to make pork mince. Turn the machine on and begin pushing with the pusher now don't push too hard because you could break the attachment.

Once finished turn your machine off for safety. A top tip, put half a slice of bread through the mincer attachment just to get rid of any excess meat, and there you have it, fresh mince.

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Thanks for watching.

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