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Win an electric Fiat 500 Electric Action! Spend over £30 or send us a letter...

How to Stop Water Collecting in Your Fridge

At some point we’ve all heard that one famous question ‘why is there water collecting in my fridge?’. Well let us help you out and explain how easily you can stop water from collecting in your fridge.

If you find that water is gathering in the bottom of your fridge or your salad drawers, it probably because the condensation drain hole is blocked.

Condensation runs down the back of the fridge and collects in the gully sitting at the back of the fridge where the water is then channelled through the drain hole into a container which sits on the compressor, it's then evaporated away.

Lets unblock your fridge

The easiest way to clean this is with a cotton bud. The drain hole can easily get blocked by crumbs of food, remember to regularly clean the drain hole, as not only does it cause water to collect in your fridge but it can also cause a nasty smell.

We even have a handy cleaning tool to clear the entry point of the fridge drain hole for debris.

If this has given you the boot to fix up more appliances throughout your home - then we recommend to take a look at our other advice articles to give you the knowledge needed to become the hero of your home.

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