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How to Replace the Shredding Line on a Flymo Garden Vacuum

A perished shredding line on your Flymo garden vac should not be an excuse to replace the entire appliance. Luckily replacing the shredding line is a simple process, which in this guide we talk you through the steps.

Within no time you’ll have your garden vac back up and running without having to spend tons of money.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

What You Will Need:

  • Replacement Shredding Lines

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

Step 2 - Remove the Frame

To begin, start by removing the collection bag and frame - once put to the side you will be able to see the cutting line.

Step 3 - Replace the New Line

Next remove the shredding line, it’s super simple - you can just pull it out. Taking a new one simply slide it into place and there you have it.

With the cutting line removed you can now continue to clear up the leaves from your garden. If you have ran out of replacement shredding lines you can always purchase more from us here at eSpares they will either come is packs of five or thirty.

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