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How to Replace the Drive Assembly in a Dyson Handheld Stick Vacuum

If the brushbar on your Dyson handheld stick vacuum is no longer spinning, it could be due to the gears no longer working which means the drive assembly will need replacing. In this article, we're going to show you how to replace the drive assembly on your Dyson to get your vacuum cleaner back up and running.

How do I know if the drive assembly needs replacing?

As well as a faulty drive belt, there are a number of possible reasons why the brushbar is not spinning on your Dyson. Before you begin, check for any blockages in the motorhead, wand, bin inlet and around the brushbar itself that could be causing the issue. If these are clear and your brushbar is still not spinning, it is most likely the drive assembly.

Safety first!

Before you begin, make sure your Dyson vacuum cleaner is switched off and fully disconnected from the mains.

How to clean and replace the drive assembly in a Dyson handheld stick vacuum step by step

So, let's get started on your repair. To fit your new drive assembly and get your Dyson performing to its best once again, simply follow the how-to video or the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Disconnect the motorhead from the wand

Press down on the button that attaches the motorhead to the wand and gently pull it away. You can then place the wand and the vacuum out of the way.

Step 2: Remove the brushbar

To remove the brushbar from the motorhead, place a flathead screwdriver or a coin into the slot in the cap and turn in the direction of the arrow above the cap. Turn it until the cap pops off then remove the cap and lift the brushbar out.

If the brushbar is clogged with hair, threads or dust, this could be causing the issue. Remove this with a pair of scissors or seam rippers, replace the brush roll and turn your Dyson back on to see if this solves the problem. If not, continue to step 3.

Step 3: Remove the motorhead guard

The next step is to remove the guard at the bottom of the motorhead. To do this, use a flathead screwdriver in the cap at the side and turn in the direction of the arrow to unlock it. Then, simply lift the guard away.

Step 4: Remove the drive assembly cover

Remove the cover at the bottom of the motorhead by removing the two screws at either side. To do this, you will need to use a very small Torx head screwdriver. When the cover becomes loose, simply lift it away.

Step 5: Remove the upper housing

Next, you will need to remove the upper housing of the motorhead. First, you will need to remove five screws. Four of these are small ones located at each corner of the motorhead and the fifth is a long one near the middle.

To separate the upper housing from the lower housing, use your fingers to gently prize them apart from the left and right hand side but do not force it all the way.

Then, use a thin card to wedge between the upper and the lower housing and disengage the catch that holds it together. If you don't use a card to disengage the catch, you could break the upper housing.

When you have placed the card in between the upper and lower housing, just slide it along and the catch should separate.

Lift off the upper housing to access the drive assembly.

Step 6: Remove the drive assembly

Remove the clear cover at the front of the motorhead to access the drive assembly. Before removing, take a photo or make a note of the electrical connections and where they attach to. Then, unplug the electrical connections and lift the drive assembly out.

Step 7: Fit your new drive assembly

Slot your new drive assembly in place of the old one then refit the electrical connections using your image or notes for reference and refit the plastic cover.

Step 8: Refit the upper housing

Refit the upper housing by clicking it back into place and replace the four short screws and one long screw that were previously removed.

Step 9: Refit the drive assembly cover

Refit the drive assembly cover and seal it in place by refitting the two screws.

Step 10: Refit the guard

To refit the guard, make sure that the groove at the end fits into the hole in the housing as shown in the image below. Then use your flathead screwdriver to lock in it, turning it in the opposite direction of the arrow.

Step 11: Refit the brushbar

There are two different ends of the brushbar. The cap end, which has a pin and the drive assembly end with a circular hole. Place the brushbar inside with the drive assembly end first and push it all the way down. Then, replace the cap turning it in the opposite direction of the arrow with your flathead screwdriver or coin.

Step 12: Refit the wand

Refit the wand by simply clicking it into place.

Step 13: Test!

Turn your Dyson vacuum on and check that the brushbar is now spinning as it should.

We hope this article has helped you to replace the drive assembly on your Dyson handheld stick vacuum and your appliance is back up and running again!

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