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How to Replace the Carbon Brushes and Motor on a Sebo X1 Vacuum Cleaner

Sebo vacuum cleaners are very old fashioned in terms of looks but their performance is second to none which is why they have retained their retro appearance.

Regardless of how well they last and perform, eventually the motor will fail this may be due to the motor being old or simply because the motor brushes have become worn. Many out there may be faced with a faulty motor in their vacuum cleaner and decide to trash it or pay for the repair.

However there is another way - and that is to repair it yourself. Here at eSpares we can supply you the parts and following this guide we have detailed as simply as possible how to perform the repair yourself.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

  What You Will Need:

  Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

  Step 2 - Getting to the Motor

We need to begin by removing the top half of Sebo vacuum and to do this, simply press down the release catch and lift the body away. With the vacuum cleaner separated you can now remove the exhaust cover and filter and then turn the base unit over.

You should be able to see lots of screws here but only four require removing, the screws which require removing are the four which are inside a cavity and two are on the plastic and the other two are in the metal. With the screws removed you can turn the unit over and lift the top casing off.

  Step 3 - Removing the Motor

Once removed you can just turn the unit onto its side, remove the brush roll. and then lift the cover off. The motor is located under a motor cover. This is held in place by four screws, the spindle, spindle protector cover and the lever.

Once removed you can now lift the old motor out, you will need to be careful as there are wires connecting the motor to the base. This will be located on the left hand side (as you’re looking at the unit from the front)simply uncouple the wiring - it’ll just pulls out, and release the wires from under the control module. Removing the belt should be fiddly but rather simple, carefully work it so it slips off the spindle.

So this is the existing motor, let’s check the state of the brushes. The brushes are held in place by a bracket and two screws. Now, I just need to pull the brush out and remove the spade connector, this can be a bit tight so you may need pliers to remove it.

  Step 4 - The Carbon Brushes (If the motor doesn't need replacing)

When you have a hold of the motor you will see that the motor brushes are located on either side. You’ll know if your brushes need replacing as when you remove them they will be worn away compared to the new ones.

However before you remove them, notice that the brushes are held in place with bracket and spade connector. Unscrew the two screws holding the bracket in place and remove the connector - this may be tight so you may want to use a set of pliers.

To fit the new brushes - it is recommended to replace both brushes at the same time, to replace you need to attach the spade connector and pop the brush in place and put the bracket back on, screwing it on securely.

Please Note: Some motors require the brushes to go a certain way round.

  Step 5 - Replacing the Motor

To begin refitting the new motor, it simply drops into place but it is worth noting that the rubber cover on the side can be quite tight.

eSpares Top Tip: Put some washing up liquid and rub it around the edge to help it slide into place. And the motor will just fall into place.

Now you’ll need to fit the belt back onto the spindle, this may be very tight, so the best practice we have found is to get the teeth in at the top and then turn the spindle - with some patience it will go on.

The wires you disconnected earlier now need to be reattached - once connected you can can tidy the wires by hiding them underneath the control board. There should be a little slot in the housing to keep the wires in place. Now we just need to put the machine back together.

  Step 6 - Reassembly

Following the steps backwards, make sure you refit the lever, spindle protector cover and the the motor cover before securing it with the four screws. Fit the connectors and put the brush back in place all before refitting the upper case. Once together tip the unit upside down and refit the screws to secure everything together.

There you go, that’s how you replace the carbon brushes or the motor on a Sebo X-1 vacuum cleaner. Hopefully we have showed you how simple it is to take your vacuum cleaner and bring it back to life ensuring you get your monies worth.


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