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How to Replace a Smeg Dishwasher Drain Pump

Why resort to purchasing a new dishwasher, when you can have a go at doing some DIY work and fix it yourself. 

The drain pump is a key component of the cleaning process, as it removes the waste water from the machine at the end of the wash cycle. Alternatively, if your problem is that the dishwasher is not removing its water, it might be that the drain pump has developed a fault. 

If you need to replace the drain pump in your dishwasher but you’re unsure where to start, there’s no need to panic. We’ll talk you through how to successfully replace the pump without damaging your dishwasher.

replace it on a Smeg dishwasher.

This video shows an example on how to remove or replace the part on a typical machine, some models may be different but the procedure should be similar.

What You Will Need:

Step 1 - Safety Advice

Safety First! Please ensure that you have disconnected the appliance from the mains before starting any repair.

Caution: Due to the sharp edges exposed we suggest suitable Safety Gloves are worn to help prevent injury when carrying out this repair.

Step 2 - Draining Water From The Machine

The first thing to do before replacing the drain pump is to take out the filter and drain away any water that may have gathered in there. However, you can avoid doing that by tiling the dishwasher on it back casing any water inside the machine to stay inside the cavity. 

Step 3 - Remove Base Plate

Now that you have the machine on its back, the next thing to do is removing the base plate. Dishwasher base plates come in either metal or plastic, the metal base plates need to be unscrewed. However, the model shown in this video is cased with a plastic base which is held in place by several clips.

A good way to remove a clipped in plate is to pull the base plate either as far left or as far right as it'll go. This will unhinge a couple of the clips from one side and allow to use a flat head screwdriver to work around releasing the other clips.

Step 4 - Remove Faulty Drain Pump

Now that the base plate is out the way, the drain pump should now be in your vision.  The drain pump in this video is a twist lock version, which is very  simple to remove. 

Disconnecting the pump electrical connector with a little pressure applied on the tab at the back.

Then using a flat head screwdriver hold the clip at the top down, then gently apply little pressure on the clip in between the clip and the drain pump and simply twist and pull the pump away.  

Step 5 - Fitting New Drain Pump

Time for the new pump to go in… Start by refitting the electrical connector back on the new pump and position it correctly as it shouldn't be able to twist off by itself.

Finally to get the base plate back in place. Start with the bottom tabs in first and then work your way around left to right clicking in the tabs making sure it's nice and secure, before you lift the machine upright again. 

So there we have it, one new drain pump fitted to this Smeg dishwasher.

Fancy Giving Your Dishwasher Some Loving Care & Attention?

Your dishwasher no doubt works hard for you on getting your plates and glasses nice and clean after mealtimes. If you want to show it some TLC, then it is a great idea to protect it from the build-up of limescale & detergent that can happen over time in your machine.

Introducing the eSpares Limescale & Detergent Remover which is highly recommended by our customers -  as well as removing bad odours and bacteria build-up.

Need To Locate The Correct Drain Pump For Your Dishwasher?

As well as being one of the easiest DIY appliance fixes out there, fixing your dishwasher drain pump can save you from the expensive repair call out as well as purchasing a new appliance.

Here at eSpares, we have a wide-range of replacement dishwasher drain pumps for you to select from - so you can soon be on your way to repairing it yourself.

If you need any other help for your appliances you can find more videos from Mat and the team at eSpares, who are always on hand with appliance repair advice in your time of need.

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