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How to Replace a Samsung Washing Machine Door Seal

If your washing machine door seal is leaking or showing signs of damage such as rips and tears, it will need to be replaced. In this article, we're going to run you through how to replace a Samsung washing machine door seal step by step so you can get your washer leak-free once again.

This door seal replacement process is for the specific model of Samsung washing machine we're using in this guide. Most door seal replacements will follow similar steps, but it's possible that the process may differ if your washing machine is a different model. If this is the case, head over to our YouTube channel for our other door seal replacement videos so you can find the right one for your appliance. However, if you need to replace your door seal but you own a Samsung washer dryer instead of a Samsung washing machine, you can find out how to carry out the replacement in this article.

What you will need

Safety first

Remember, always make sure your washing machine is switched off and disconnected from the mains before carrying out any work, repairs or replacements.

How to replace a Samsung washing machine door seal

Let's get started! To learn how to replace a Samsung washing machine door seal, either watch our video or follow the step by step guide below.

Step 1: Remove the outer retaining band

First, remove the door seal's outer retaining band whilst keeping the door seal in place. This band can be found around the rim of the door beneath the door seal. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry the tensioning spring free first, which is located on the same side of the door frame as the door hinge. Then work the screwdriver around, freeing the retaining band as you go.

Step 2: Remove the door seal from the outer panel

Remove the door seal from the outer panel by pulling it free with your hands. The door seal will remain intact on the inside. Once it has been removed from the outer panel, fold it over and push it inside the machine.

Step 3: Remove the top panel

Next, you'll need to remove the top panel. Using a Phillips screwdriver, remove the two screws that keep the panel in place at the back. With the screws removed, lift the panel away.

Step 4: Remove the inner retaining band

With the top panel removed, you will be able to see the inner retaining band around the door seal, as pictured below. Using a Phillips screwdriver, loosen the screw that keeps the band tight around the seal. However, don't remove the screw entirely, just loosen it enough so you can remove the band.

Step 5: Remove the old door seal

Once the inner retaining band is loosened, you can remove the door seal. Simply lift the door seal out of the frame and pull it away from the machine with your hands. The inner retaining band will come with it but will likely fall off when you remove the seal, so make sure you remove that too.

Step 6: Fit the new door seal inside

When fitting the new door seal, it may be quite tight. To make the process easier, you can rub a little washing up liquid around the outside of the rim. When you go to fit the new seal, it's also important to note that the two drain holes in the seal go at the bottom of the door frame.

To fit the new seal, first ease it into the door frame with your hands. Once the door seal is in place, work the top of the seal over the inner lip first. Then work your way around to the bottom of the inner lip, fitting the seal into place as you go.

Step 7: Refit the inner retaining band

Once the inner retaining band is in place around the inside of the seal, tighten it into place by retightening the screw with your Phillips screwdriver.

Step 8: Refit the outer part of the door seal

Next, you can pull the outer part of the door seal through the door frame and fit it into place, working around with your hands. Again, you may need to use some washing up liquid for lubrication to help you fit the seal.

Step 9: Refit the outer retaining band

With the door seal in place, refit the outer retaining band. Start with the spring in position next to the door hinge, keeping the spring in place with your finger. Then work the rest of the outer retaining band around the door seal.

Step 10: Refit the top panel

Finally, refit the top panel by screwing it into place at the back with the two screws you removed earlier.

That's all there is to replacing a Samsung washing machine door seal! Your appliance should now be leak-free and working properly once more.

However, replacing faulty components is only part of keeping your washing machine working properly. You should also make sure you regularly clean your washing machine so that it can keep on working to the best of its ability. Head over to our article on how to clean a smelly washing machine to learn how to keep your washing machine pristine and in working order.

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