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How to Identify Water Leaks on a Washing Machine

A water leak on your washing machine can cause a lot of damage if not quickly sorted out.

Don't Panic!

There is no need to run to the store to buy a new one yet just yet!

Many leaks can be simply repaired once you have identified the cause.

Here Mat shows how to check around your machine to identify the problem, then with our other videos you should be able to have the leak fixed in no time.


Switch Off Your Appliance

Safety First! Please make sure that you have switched your appliance off at the mains before starting your repair.

Cause 1: The Detergent Dispenser

Mould building up in your dispenser can cause a leak as it diverts the water from spraying into the compartment causing it to leak out when filling.

If traces of water are found when filling remove the drawer and clean away any mould found before retesting, if this was the problem see another of our videos to help prevent the mould returning.

Cause 2: Damage To The Door Seal

Dragging heavy washing out of the machine across the door can tear the lip causing water to run from the door. 

Sharp items and zips in the wash can puncture the seal belows again causing leaks.

Carefully examine these areas for damage and replace the seal if required by watching another of our videos.

Cause 3: Leaks From External Hoses

If there is water at the back of the machine feel along the inlet and outlet hoses.

Check the inlet hose for damp, turn the supply off before removing the hose and checking its seals, when refitting tighten to a firm hand tight. 

If a hose continues to leak after refitting replace the hose.

Cause 4: Internal Leaks

Make sure the power is off before removing the back of the appliance.

Use a torch to visually inspect the hoses under the machine and the tub for damage.

If necessary pour a kettle of water into the machine to help identify where the water is running from.

Final Comment From eSpares:

Thanks for taking the time to look through this video. We hope you have found this video useful in helping you identify the issue with your washing machine - for all related spare parts you can see the washing machine area on the eSpares website.

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