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How to Get a Great Looking Lawn

The lawn is often the focal point of any garden. Make sure yours does you proud, by following the advice outlined within this eSpares video - and achieve a great looking lawn, throughout the year.

Hi, I’m Matt from eSpares.

Now, a fine looking lawn can be a source of great pride but as we move into spring, the turf can look a bit unkempt and lacklustre, like on my lawn here.

I’m going to show you what we need to do to get a great looking lawn this summer with the minimum amount of effort - I’m going to talk about mowing, fertiliser, weed control, and aeration.

So early spring we want to be thinking about our first cut of the season and the most important thing is to make sure you have a sharp blade.

You can see on this hover, that it's quite dull and blunted. I’m going to put a brand new blade on there, otherwise, it’s just going to pull on the grass by the roots and we are going to be left with bare patches.

Now, the other thing at the start of the cutting season to do is start with a very high cut, we just want to be topping that grass.

On a hover we just want to be removing one or two of these spacers there, just to lift the cutting blade. On a cylinder mower like this Qualcast we just adjust the height of the cylinder with these adjusting screws.

So clear any leaves or other debris before we get started. Consider getting yourself a garden vac if you have a particularly big area to clear.

Try to mow as often as you can. It’s better to have a regular trim rather than waiting until it’s all overgrown and then having to hack your way through. Change direction each time you mow, and that way your grass won’t end up all leaning in one direction.

Now as you can see moss has got a bit of a hold in my lawn over the winter. The best thing for treating that is something like this Evergreen Complete, that will not only kills off moss it gives it a good dose of nitrogen and that helps boost grass growth and it will also help to keep down some of these weeds.

Now, as the moss dies off it will go black and the best thing to do is just get a spring-tined rake and just rake that dead moss out, that will give plenty of room for the grass to just thicken out and replace it.

Give it a couple of days after you’ve mown before you put on your Evergreen Complete and then you can re-apply about every six weeks throughout the growing season. Now it comes with this quite handy little applicator, you just walk up and down the lawn and get an even spread of fertiliser there.

Now finally, aeration. If your lawn has become compacted, like mine has there’ll be a restricted air flow getting into the soil and reduced water absorption, and that’s not good for your lawns health.

Now, I’m just using a garden fork and methodically working my way across the lawn. If you’ve got a much bigger lawn area, you probably want to consider buying or hiring a proper aeration tool, that will really help getting some oxygen into the soil, and you’ll definitely see the benefits.

So there we go. Not exactly a bowling green just yet, but with that preparation and regular mowing throughout the summer my lawn is going to be looking pretty good. Lawnmower blades and other parts are available for all makes and models at, thanks for watching.

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