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How to Clear a Blocked Drain

Save money on expensive call outs by clearing your drains with this nifty Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit, it has a 15 metre reach and will help clear blocked pipes and drains without the need for chemicals.

The video below demonstrates how simple it is to hook up to your Kärcher domestic pressure washer and how the backwards firing high-pressure jets will propel the hose into the drain, clearing away the blockage.


You must have a bayonet fit gun to use the drain cleaning kit, rather than a screw fit gun.

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Video Transcript

Hi, I'm Mat from eSpares.

Now this is a product that gets consistently great reviews on the eSpares website, it's the Karcher Drain Cleaning Kit, and the reason it gets such great reviews is because it's genius.

Underneath the brass nib here, are rear-facing water nozzles which project the drain cleaning kit toward the blockage, like this. Now, I'm wearing goggles for this because I don't want any nasty splashes coming into my eyes.

So begin by feeding the drain cleaning kit inside your drain. Do this for a few feet without pressure as you don't want any nasty splash back. Once you're confident, turn the pressure on and feed the pipe through.

Feed the kit through the length of the pipe and back, do this a couple of times just to make sure the blockages have all gone. Once you release the pipe from the drain, make sure you do so without pressure - again you don't want any nasty splash back.

The kit comes in a 7.5 metre or a 15 metre length and is certainly cheaper than paying for a professional drain cleaning service.

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