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How to Bleed a Karcher Pressure Washer

Air in the system can damage your pressure washer's pump and reduce performance. It's therefore important to make sure you bleed the appliance, if you've been replacing an internal part or it hasn't been used for some time. This video shows you how to bleed the pressure washer.

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Hi, I'm Mat from eSpares.

Now, if you've just purchased your Karcher, you haven't used it for a while, or you've recently replaced any parts, it's always a good idea to bleed the system to release any air left in there.

How you do this, you connect your garden hose to the inlet cover, making sure the high-pressure hose is detached from the front. Run the water through the system, now do this for a minute or two just to make sure any air is gone. Once that's done, reconnect your high-pressure hose, like so, and you're ready to start pressure washing.

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