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Finding Your Fridge or Freezer Model Number

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A brand new shiny spare part that doesn't fit your appliance is of little use to you - unless you're one heck of a spares enthusiast. Before setting about mending your fridge or freezer, find your appliance's model number to make sure the spares you order will fit perfectly.

Where to look:

  • Fridges and fridge-freezers
    Look for a rating plate on the fridge inner walls.
    It may be hidden at the bottom (to the left side) of the salad compartments and only accessible with the compartments removed.
    No luck? It may be on the outside side of the casing or lastly try the back.
  •  Freezers
    Look at the very bottom of the inside of the freezer compartment.
    If you can't find it anywhere on the inside, try the sides and the back.

Be careful! If you need to move your appliance to find its model number, remember that the weight of your appliance might damage your kitchen floor. Try using appliance rollers to minimise this risk.

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