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Durgol Swiss Espresso Special Decalcifier

It's important to make sure your coffee machine is regularly treated with a descaler, to keep it working at its full potential. In this video, eSpares explain how to use the Durgol Swiss Espresso Special Descalcifier.

Video Transcript

If you have a coffee or espresso machine it's really important to regularly descale it to prevent damage to the machine, as well as ensuring that the flavour of your coffee isn't tainted.

This is Durgol Swiss Espresso special decalcifier and it's great for effectively descaling the inside of your espresso machine, as well as ensuring that flavour of your coffee remains at its best.

Now if you machine has a decalcification program just use the product according to manufacturer's instructions. But if your machine doesn't have any decalcification program, just add one bottle of Swiss Espresso to 225ml of water and pour the solution into the water tank of your machine.

Then select for your machine to dispense either coffee or hot water but not steam and allow the solution to run through the machine.

Now once the solution has run through, turn the machine off, refill the tank with fresh water, and allow the system to flush through. Thanks for watching.

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