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Whirlpool Washing Machine & Dishwasher Professional Limescale and Grease Remover - Pack of 12 for ADG684/1FK (851168415571) Stock Number: ES664212

Descaler for dishwashers and washing machines - helps prevent appliance problems and remove detergent residue

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My wife always uses salt in the dishwasher and limesacale remover in the washing machine. Will this product replace both?

By macthead1 - Stevenage - 04 April 2009
  • I always use this product for both, once a month. However, I still put salt in my dishwasher and always have done, maybe I dont need to! By TC1170 - Cambridge - 06 April 2009
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By superclean - rutland - 02 March 2009
  • I can't fully answer the question. The active ingredient is sulphamic acid and you would be delivering about 50g a month to your septic tank. However, Drain Doctor in Southampton are offering a WC and urinal descaler that is claimed safe with septic tanks and contains sulphamic acid. I recommend that you investigate further. By Squeaker - North Nottinghamshire - 09 March 2009
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