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CLEANER 601 Multi-Purpose Precision Contact Cleaner - 200ml Stock Number: ES1953249

This fast-drying, precision cleaner is ideal for cleaning sensitive electronic equipment and will remove dirt, dust, and grease from hard-to-reach areas

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CLEANER 601 Multi-Purpose Precision Contact Cleaner - 200ml

This quick drying precision solvent cleaner is suitable for use on electronic devices and for thorough cleaning of fine mechanics.

Due to its mild cleansing power, it's suitable for sensitive components or materials and cleans glass, rubber and most plastics. It has a low surface tension, which greatly accelerates the cleaning process.


  • Removes dust, oil and grease without leaving a residue
  • Surface preparation for bonding sensitive plastics
  • Cleaning of reflectors
  • Cleaning of fine mechanics (i.e. bearings, springs, gear wheels)
  • Cleaning of sensitive electronic components in PC’s, Hi-Fi or video devices


  • Brushing or wiping supports the cleaning action.
  • Product is flammable. Take care that there are no sources of ignition around the working area (flames, sparks, hot surfaces).
  • Do not use the product on energized devices.
  • Allow the cleaner to evaporate completely before re-activating the device.
  • Allow good ventilation during the use of this product.


  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Quick drying solvent cleaner
  • Safe for use on most materials without leaving a residue
  • Free of chlorinated and aromatic hydrocarbons
  • Specially suited for sensitive components or materials
  • Ideal for use on glass, rubber and most plastics
  • Aerosol can functions upside down and is equipped with a straw for difficult to reach areas
  • Used in many fields of electronics and electrical engineering where sensitive components must be cleaned with the utmost care
  • Safely removes soiling, dust, grease and other deposits
  • Suitable for cleaning of fine mechanics, model railways, printed circuit boards surface preparation, optical assembly groups, mirrors and headlights

CLEANER 601 Multi-Purpose Precision Contact Cleaner - 200ml

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