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VIDEO 90 Magnetic Tape Head Cleaner - 200ml Stock Number: ES1953248

A highly versatile cleaner that is perfect for magnetic heads, disk drives, CD/DVD players, tape recorders, projectors and much more

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VIDEO 90 Magnetic Tape Head Cleaner - 200ml

Video 90 specialist cleaner removes dust, tape wear dirt, oil, grease and is recommended to clean sensitive surfaces. Small dust particles can cause significant sound and picture interference, but they can be removed easily from magnetic heads by using VIDEO 90.

This cleaner can be used on tape recording equipment whenever abraded tape, dirt or other contaminants affect the sound and picture quality.


- Magnetic heads, picture and sound heads

- Disk drives, CD and DVD players, tape recorders

- Optical laser systems and sensors

- Projectors


- The straw can be used for local application.

- Rinse parts liberally.

- Where possible catch dirt with a piece of cloth.

- Video 90 has a low flash point and therefore dries quickly.

- This product is flammable, please ensure there are no ignition sources nearby.

- Must not be used in live electrical sub-assemblies and must be completely evaporated before electrical equipment is switched on.


  • Capacity: 200ml
  • Special cleaning agent for magnetic heads, picture and sound heads or optical laser systems
  • Recommended for cleaning sensitive surfaces
  • Removes dust, tape wear dirt, oil and grease
  • Can be used in hard to reach areas
  • Dries quickly without leaving a residue
  • Pure chemical formulation: does not attack tape coatings or other components and materials
  • Acts specifically on soiled magnetic heads

VIDEO 90 Magnetic Tape Head Cleaner - 200ml

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